Welcome to the official CSAV wikia, the best to get to know the game, the artists and their stories, releases and much more. From December 8, 2004 on BBR until today on Facebook. Check our Recurring Artists biographies selected by their year of debut:

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Created by Fernando Pelicci a.k.a. 'M@rido da Britney' on December 8, 2004 at the (R.I.P.) BBR Forums, the CSAV game evolved from a humble and innocent idea to one of the biggest and most controversial online games to date. Thousands of users passed by but only a few still remain - after 10 years, lots of masks have fallen down, a couple rugs were pulled and some knives killed a few on the back, but it seems that only destiny is going to take it down. On this CSAV wikia you can find the biographies from the main artists and their respective careers, releases and marks, the awards and main rumours that caused commotions on the game during this whole 11 years. From the Fach dictatorship to the Exodus, CSAV celebrated 12 years last December 2016. We can't wait to see what's coming next!

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